As a cosmetic drugstore downtown Amsterdam, we remain open to continue providing you with essentials such as toilet paper, vitamins, soap, toothpaste, etc.
But we know there are a lot of you out there who aren’t able to leave the house. We want to reach out to you! That’s why we decided to create a box ful of personal care/quarantine essentials you just can’t miss these days!
Every box is unique but will always contain toiletpaper (The Good Roll), vitamins (Yummygums), a cleanser, hand sanitizer & a gift from us to you: a free box of paracetamol!
We can put together the box for you, but it’s also possible to personalize the box for your friends, family, teacher of home-working staff to send it as a gift!
 Box 1: €24,95 worth €35,-
 Box 2: €49,95 worth €65,-
 Box 3: sheetmasks for 3 days €9,95 worth €12,-
 Box 4: sheetmasks for a week €21,95 worth €28,-